Selected Works



This installation made up of structures reminiscent of the liminal spaces found in a house (the attic, the space under the stairs, and the corridor). Each structure contains psychological implications that manifest in objects charged with signs of the past. 


IMG_5603A Chance of Circumstance 

This installation that examines the notion of a body that is absent and a mind that is sedated. The work is about the isolation of the individual as they absorb themselves into the narrative constructs and images of television; and plays with suspension of disbelief, by creating an uncanny association between the situation of the animated character, and the participation of the viewer.


05_Tantalus_Synthesis_Regan_2005 Tantalus Synthesis 

This installation consists of three robotic puppets that are electronically linked through a behavioural program that allows them to interact with the viewer.  It was conceived and created in collaboration with robotic artist Jessica Field.



Fire_Head Tied to a Tree

Tied to a Tree is a puppet production about a young boy grappling with the inner conflict that arises  between his desire to become someone else and the consequences he must face, when his choice could destroy his only friend.