Artist Statement

Folding Space is a three dimensional sculpture/sketch that explores architectural space as a container and conduit of worlds within worlds

Folding Space – Mechanics and Architecture Study – 2007

 A fascination with the way the imagination can manifest a sense of “life” in a performing object has developed my work toward a hybrid practice that  combines sculpture, installation, kinetic art, puppetry, physical theatre, and stop motion animation. My interest is in the play between physical and imaginary spaces, and the creatures that inhabit these worlds. My research explores concepts and ideas of the absent body, implied presence and liminal space. I experiment, play, and perform with sculptural objects and puppets to create imaginary spaces, events, and scenarios where participants are encouraged to participate in the work; creating their own narrative paths and instigating events, through the surreal, virtual, and physical spaces, objects, and characters that they encounter.